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Mouthpiece Puppet


Mouthpiece Puppet is a video performance about love and absence. During the two minutes performance, Sylvain Souklaye invites the audience to question the idea of fixed and perfect memories. The focus is to think of memories as a living organism and what will happen to the person who hosts them when they become disjointed and residual flashes emerge.

Mouthpiece Puppet is an introspective monologue about the impossibility to record and contain other people’s memories.  When you can’t let it go or battle, memories become a poetic loop where despair, hope, desire and grief build one unbalanced feeling.

Mouthpiece Puppet uses poetry as a language between the host and the audience. Without eyes, the audience can concentrate either on the closeness of the lips or the immensity of imagination.

Whit Mouthpiece Puppet, Sylvain Souklaye wants the audience to experience and take away the intimate mouvement of the mouth where more personal thoughts lie.