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LOST: A modern tale about modular identity

LOST is a digital literature and role-playing game experience inspired by gamebooks (i.e “choose your own adventure” books). It was a chat bot available on Facebook Messenger between December 2016 and September 2018 at this address Please note that it is closed now and is no longer available.



In your palm starts the journey of John Deadle told by Samuel Petit. As you walk alongside John Deadle, you will have to make decisions which could put his life at risk. Each step brings him closer to becoming you. 


So the story starts…


… and continues as the user makes a decision on behalf of John Deadle.



LOST was written by the French author Samuel Petit and edited by Sylvain Souklaye. They created a literature space where the reader was in the center of the story. The bot LOST was the missing link between a book and a reader, providing an immersive, sensitive and interactive experience.

In December 2016, it was the first time a chat bot invited its users to reflect on their own shifting condition. The users would be at times witnesses, at times builders through the narrative branches and at times players with the main character’s life (literally) — at their finger tips. LOST was a modern tale about modular identity, memory, choices and self designation.