Here are some dates of the up coming performances and projections of my work in 2019:


01.11 - 01.03.20 / Online: Digital art to be premiered at the press refresh pavilion, The Wrong Biennale.

11.10 / Copenhagen, Denmark: ARM WRESTLING FOR TWO PLEASE (live performance) & Nouveaux Classiques (video performance in collaboration with Benjamin Paulin), curated by Stateless Mind at Laterna Magica, Museum for Visual Knowledge during Kultur Natten 2019.

07.10 / London, United Kingdom: Stream fighters and open world factory (sound art) on Resonance FM via 104.4FM and simulcast on DAB+ via Resonance Extra, curated by London sound art collective Gwaith Sŵn.

03.10-06.10 / New York, United States: Migrant Market (video performance) at Performance is Alive, Satellite Art Show NYC.

26.09-29.09 / Online: Automated Pain? (video performance) at the 13th Online Performance Art Festival.

06.09-08.09 / São Paulo, Brazil: #TME (TAILOR-MADE, MODULAR AND EXPENDABLE) (video performance) at SerformanceP 3, 3rd Mostra de Performance.

21.08-25.08 / Helsinki, Finland: Archipelago: Map(s) of the Moving World (workshop, lecture, performance) at Center for Arts, Design and Social Research.

08.08-09.08 / Berlin, Germany: Sleeping Beast (sound art) at Night Gardening II: Frequencies and Fragrances.

25.07 / Copenhagen, Denmark: Action poetry, for the launch of Shirley Camia’s newest collection of poetry, Mercy.

03.07-09.07 / Santiago, Cuba: A.I reviews something (video art) at the Muestra de Video Arte Faenza, Fiesta de Fuego as part of XXXIX Festival del Caribe Cuba.

29.06 / Berlin, Germany: The Waiting Room (short novel), First Page literary magazine.

25.06-11.08 / São Paulo, Brazil: Épilogue, épitaphe, et puis rien… (video art, sound installation) at FILE São Paulo 2019, International Electronic Language Festival.

20.06-23.06 / Venice, Italy: Data Sampling / Ghost Suffering (live performance) at the ‘I am my body, I am my memory’ festival organised by Action Hybride, at the Officine Forte Marghera.

07.06-09.06 / Copenhagen, Denmark:

  • “Digital State of Mind and physical body of work” lecture as part of Jambatan Web Archives for Southeast Asian Arts in the Nordic Countries (June 7th)

  • Live outdoor performance Migrant Market at the State-less Mind Performance Art Festival (June 8th)

  • Presentation and talk about my art practice (June 9th)

21.05-25.05 / New York, United States: #TME (TAILOR-MADE, MODULAR AND EXPENDABLE) (video performance) at the ITINERANT Performance Art Festival NYC, at Grace Exhibition Space & Smack Mellon.

17.05 / Bogotá, Colombia: A.I reviews something (video art) at the II Muestra de Video Arte Faenza 2019 curated programme ‘Abstráe-lo’ as part of ARTBO, Fin de Semana, at the Fondation Gilberto Alzate Avendaño.