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Migrant market

‘State-less mind’ Performance Art Festival by Jambatan, Copenhagen, Denmark (June 2019)

© Akano Eternii

© Akano Eternii

Migrant Market is rebranding performance of the Slave Market.
It challenges the political short thinking / short comings and put them into practice and reality.

The performance tells the stories of immigrant children who are forced to integrate new sociological and religious concepts, with the deletion of their roots and cultures as a starting point.

Migrant Market shows the consequences of denying someone’s identity. It aims at sharing what could be the destiny of former immigrants when they become a political product. 

Migrant Market is a public experience about the former happiest country in the world (Denmark) and its relationship to security and liberty. 
With Migrant Market, Souklaye tries to demonstrate what could be the final thoughts and acts of our passivity when states behave like predators.