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‘Archipelago: Map(s) of the Moving World’ gathering
at the Center for Arts, Design and Social Research,
Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland (AUgust 2019)

All photos on this page © Amir Zainorin

All photos on this page © Amir Zainorin

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terrainGLISSANT is a collective exploration of one of the many archipelagos surrounding us.
With terrainGLISSANT Sylvain Souklaye links his intimate relationship to his father and to the island of Martinique via a work-in-progress performance.

terrainGLISSANT is a journey in a reverse chronological order into Edouard Glissant’s theme of the “archipel”. 
Sylvain Souklaye literally builds an archipelago and a disconnected neo-tribe to kindle his own present and Martinique’s past.
From a written confession to his father to the impossible dialogue of modern France until the silent trance of a man without any land, Sylvain Souklaye fights history with his bear hands.

terrainGLISSANT is a ritual for disconnected people building a loop for each other. A loop that can draw a place, a moment to stay or a collective map to pursue a journey.
Sylvain Souklaye collects souls, memories, body parts and geographies to assemble a mosaic of no man’s (is)land.
terrainGLISSANT is an intimate and collective exploration of untold and unfolded memories.

PS: terrainGLISSANT is a collaborative performance with the participation of Margarita Kuleva, Amir Zainorin, Bonnie Fan, Christopher Bratton, Gabriel Pereira, Katherine Ye, Lia Carreira, Rodrigo Ochigame, Dalida María Benfield, Tamara Al-Mashouk, Robert Brooks and the real Jean Juang.

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