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#TME is a performative film about an unknown subject who has erased his memories and an Artificial Intelligence trying to recover them, by any means necessary. This closed-door hearing is based on audio archives and a conversational process.


With #TME, Souklaye aims to experiment with second generation immigrant narrative in a postcolonial, post-9/11 context through France’s ambiguous immigration and laïcité (separation of church and state) policies.

#TME addresses also the personal and bodily consequences of abandonment when nations like France and Algeria are unable to recognise their own people. 

#TME approaches the French second generation immigrants duality regarding the cultural, religious and political ghettos inside the ghetto. Finally in #TME Souklaye invites the audience to feel how it is almost impossible to be different and oneself in a group which has a definitive identity and an absence of destiny.

Video performance presented at ITINERANT, Performance Art Festival at Grace Exhibition Space, NYC & Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, May 2019.